NETHERLANDS – Self-Employed Activities Permitted for Intra-Corporate Transferees

Effective 1 October 2018, third-country nationals working in the Netherlands with an intra-corporate transfer (ICT) permit can perform self-employed activities alongside the main working activities for which their residence permit in the Netherlands has been initially granted, according to a recent decree.

The same benefit was granted to Highly-Skilled Migrant (Knowledge Migrant) permit holders, students and researchers in April 2017.

The same decree, of 27 August 2018, limits to 12 weeks the time a Work Holiday Scheme (WHS) / Work Holiday Program (WHP) permit holder can work for any one employer, during the permit’s one-year validity.

Finally, also from 1 October 2018, North Korean nationals will no longer be eligible for a work/residence permit in the Netherlands, in accordance with UN-resolution 2371 (2017).

Action Items

Residence permit holders in the Netherlands and their employers, who may be affected by these changes, should consult an immigration advisor at McCown & Evans LLP.