Delays in issuance of Employment Authorization Documents (EADS) and Permanent Resident Cards

The Washington Post has reported that USCIS is scaling back its printing of 50,000 Permanent Resident Cards (“green cards”) and 75,000 Employment Authorization Documents (EADs). In mid-June, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services’ contract apparently ended with the company that had been printing these documents. Production was slated to be insourced, but “the agency’s financial situation,” USCIS said Thursday, prompted a hiring freeze that required it to ratchet down printing.

If a Permanent Resident Card or EAD has not been received within a reasonable time following approval of the application, the applicant can consider filing a mandamus complaint to compel USCIS to issue the document. Any client who believes they may be affected due to failing to receive an EAD or green card in a timely manner should contact their attorney at McCown & Evans LLP.